Tree planting World Environment Day

INE-TUNZA & UNEP- World Environment Day

We are  inviting all  the Coordinators of INE, children/youth groups and associations working with the network of INE to an exciting event of this year 2012.

Tree Planting "World Environment Day" Will be organised from the 1st to 5th of june 2012. This year we will plant 10.000 trees in order to contribute to the Billion Tree Campaign of UNEP and to save the planet.

Tree planting is important for us.It reminds us of the importance of nature and environmental protection. We will plant trees in every corner of the world and your contribution is important! Your trees will be a part of the World Environment Day 2012.

For World Environment Day Campaign. We aim to plant 80.000 trees by the end of 2017. 

How to get involved? At first get the invitation letter or register your organization, by 15th of April 2012.  You are welcome to submit your information afterwards to INE-TUNZA-UNEP-Tree planting "World Environment Day". Each participant,for example, Non government Organizations (NGOs), schools or youth & children groups will receive certificates. 

Join us and let´s plant trees together for a better world and celebrate the World Environment Day.

More information:

International Network for Environment (INE). /,

every countries Around the world

Let´s work together to save the planet


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