INE invites Coordinators, children/youth groups and associations to an exciting event.

Tree Planting Day Will be organised on the 23rd May 2011, the World Biodiversity Day. This year we will plant 1000 trees in order to contribute to the Billion Tree Campaign of UNEP and to save the planet.

Tree planting is important for us.It reminds us of the importance of nature and environmental protection. We will plant trees in every corner of the world and your contribution is important! Your trees will be a part of the INE-TUNZA-UNEP-INE-Tree Planting Campaign.

Planting Campaign. We aim to plant 8000 trees by the end of 2017. 

How to get involved? At first get the invitation letter or register your organization, by 15th of April 2011.  You are welcome to submit your information afterwards to INE-TUNZA-UNEP-Tree Planting Day / Each participating Non government Organization (NGOs), school or youth group will receive a certificate. Please find instructions, more information and material for the day below.  


  1. Practise the play with your students (if you choose the option A)
  2. Find a tree plant/s (choose indigenous ones, typical for your climate and dominant tree species in your region). Choose a suitable place for trees and dig the hole/s in advance. If you need some help take contact with local experts.
  3. Choose a student/s who will actually plant this tree.
  4. Involve local people from your community to plant tree together with you
  5. Choose a student who will have a short speech (see below)
  6. Choose students who will take 2-3 photos (preferably digital) during the occasion.
  7. Invite other organizations, schools and local decision-makers to join this event, probably one of them could have a short speech for this occasion.
  8. At your school organization, make a world map with all the countries involved in tree planting
  9. Get local media involved (use the draft for them below)


Date:  Friday, 23rd of May

Time: at 12.00-12.30 your local time (or later/before during the day)

OPTION A (if you will perform the play at the same time)

  1. Participants gather around the seedling/s
  2. An introduction about the play by a student, lyrics of songs to audience so they can follow and probably sing along with actors/choir
  3. The Drops Of Life  (our tree play) begins
  4. In the tree planting part of play actors invite audience to plant trees (take photos during this part)
  5. The play goes on and finally ends
  6. A speech by a student
  7. Students measure the height/s of seedling/s (in millimetres)
  8. Gather for a group photo, where students and audience are around the tree plant so that we can see everything
  9. Optionally another speech by local decision-makers.

 OPTION B (if you won't perform the play at the same time or at all)

  1. Gather around the seedling/s
  2. A student makes his/her speech
  3. A student plants this tree together with an old person (while one takes photos, remember to take one photon only about tree, as close as possible)
  4. Students measure the height of tree (in millimetres)
  5. Optionally another speech by local decision-makers.
  6. Other optional program like the play The Drops of Life or music/dance.
  7. Gather for a group photo, where students and audience are around the tree plant so that we can see everything
  8. Optionally another speech by local decision-makers.



  1. After event, share your comments on
  2.  Take care of your trees!



Our environment is important for us. Not only locally but also globally. Today it's time focus on the environment and biodiversity.  This is a special deed to honour them, together with Non government organizations and schools, children and youth around the world. We plant tree/s today with our friends in the North, South, East and West. Organizations in over 7 countries are planting trees with us. At the same time, this is our contribution for the Billion Tree Campaign of the United Nations Environment Programme. This tree planting day has been organised by International Network for Environment (INE),a worldwide network of Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Young People groups working to promote government and individual action to limit human-induced climate change to ecologically sustainable levels, based in Congo Republic of, Morocco, Cameroon, Indonesia, Kenya, Myanmar,Cambodia,India,somalia and Gambia. 

A tree is a symbol for us. Firstly, it reminds us of the importance of nature and environmental protection. Secondly, it symbolizes our co-operation between schools around the world. Yesterday was also the World Biodiversity Day. Biodiversity is extremely important for the environment.

We hope to grow together with our trees towards a better future!   


Non government organizations and Schools plant trees in a phenomenal event!

Our organization or school will organise a special day on the 23rd of May 2011. We will plant trees together with other organization and schools around the world.Tree planting is important for us. It reminds us of the importance of nature and environmental protection. As this day is also known as the world biodiversity day we want to lay focus on the importance of biodiversity.  This day is organised by International Network for Environment (INE), a worldwide network of Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Young People groups working to promote government and individual action to limit human-induced climate change to ecologically sustainable levels.

INE-TUNZA-UNEP-Tree Planting Day 2011


The ideal time to plant a tree is during the rainy season, in the tropics and subtropics, or the dormant season, in temperate zones, after leaf drop or before bud break. Trees that have been well cared for in a nursery can be planted throughout the growing season.
Proper handling during planting is essential to ensure healthy growth. Proper site preparation before and during planting, coupled with good follow-up care, allows the seedlings to quickly establish roots in the new location and overcome what is known as transplant shock, a phenomenon that can slow the growth and reduce the vigour of the tree.
Seeds can be sown in seed beds or seedling containers (preferably biodegradable) prepared with a mixture of sand, compost and soil. The plants will need watering before and after germination. Reduce the frequency of watering as the seedlings grow. Shade the seedlings and gradually reduce the shade as they grow.
If you decide to plant seeds, collect them from an area that enjoys similar climatic conditions to where the trees will be planted. Collect the seeds from a number of healthy mature trees.

1.Dig a whole at least twice the width of the root ball to allow the roots to spread out. Remove the tree from its container, carefully cut off broken roots, and slightly loosen the root ball.

2. Place the tree in the planting hole. Always lift the tree by the root ball and never by the trunk. Spread periphery roots outwards. Avoid planting the tree too deep. Make sure that the soil line of the young tree is higher than the surface of the surrounding hole.

 3. Shovel some soil into the planting hole. Check the planting depth and adjust if needed. Confirm that the tree is straight. Fill the hole gently but firmly. Pat the soil around the base of the root ball.

 4. It is not recommended to apply fertilizer at the time of planting. Water the seedling thoroughly with a slow stream of water to settle the soil. Do not stake the tree. The sooner the tree can stand alone, the sooner it will become strong.

 5. Provide follow up care. Protect the tree from pests and diseases by removing plants nearby which are likely to affect it. Remove weeds as they will compete with tree roots for moisture and nutrients. Protect the tree from destruction by livestock.

6. If suitable, space trees well to avoid competition for air and soil nutrients, and to encourage the growth of branches. Watch out for drought conditions and provide water if needed, especially during the first few months. Watch out for yellowing of leaves. Always maintain good air circulation in the tree by pruning to avoid pests and other diseases.



Let´s work together to save the planet


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