India Youth Forum 2012

Welcome to the India Youth Forum 2012. We are delighted at your interest in our work and we hope you will help us create a better and more sustainable future, not only for ourselves but for our descendants. 

The India Youth Forum is the brainchild of the Youth Time Movement, a group of young activists from across 11 countries who have taken it as their mission to craft a new future through active campaigning and dialogue. Our fundamental goal is to motivate and empower the youth of the world.

In the past, Youth Time has organized two youth forums, in 2010 and 2011, on the island of Rhodes in Greece. In total, over 300 young people from 70 different countries participated in these forums. The movement has also successfully conducted an international summer school in the Altai region. Furthermore, in 2011, they also set up a series of remote projects including an international competition on ‘Space and the future of mankind’, which marked the 50th anniversary of the first human flight into outer space. Some 600 works by young and talented architects, designers, web designers and journalists were entered.  Sixty winners got the opportunity to see with their own eyes, and feel, a rocket being sent on a space mission at the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Another remote project was called, ‘My dream education’, which enabled us to assemble an ideal representation of youth education in different countries.

Our mission is to continuously challenge ourselves and thus we present to you the India Youth Forum 2012, which will be held from 29 March to 1 April.

The theme for the India Youth Forum is ‘My Country of My Dreams’. We live in troubled times and the responsibility has come upon us to not only dream, but put our dreams into action and build the country of our dreams. The time has come for action and we must now move beyond constructive dialogue and implement our knowledge into a reality which will show effective results.

Come be a part of this movement and help build ‘My Country of My Dreams’.

To participate in the India Youth Forum 2012, please log onto and complete the application process. For further information do not hesitate to contact

We at Youth Time, thank you for your interest in our work and we look forward to welcoming you to the India Youth Forum 2012.

Useful Documents

Deadline: 1 February 2012

Conference Fee: 10 Euro



Czech Republic
Youth Time International Movement 
Zborovska 716/27, Prague 5, 15000, Prague, Czech Republic


About One Young World

One Young World Opening CeremonyOne Young World is the premier global forum for young people of leadership calibre. It manifests the reality of common humanity and the shared existence of all the peoples in one world. Its purpose is to connect and bring together the youngest and brightest and to ensure that their concerns, opinions and solutions are heard and taken into account by those in power, whether in government, business or any other sector.

The Summit 2012

Pittsburgh will host the third annual Summit from 18th - 23rd October 2012. This represents an important intercontinental leap as we head to the world's largest economy during its presidential election year.

 Background and History

The One Young World Inaugural Summit was held in London on February 8 to 10, 2010 and drew 823 young leaders from 112 countries. The summit focused on 6 key Resolutions developed in response to the most pressing issues in the world today, as identified as by the One Young World Global Consultation Process, a poll of over 15,000 respondents aged 18-27 years old from 34 countries in every continent on the planet. The Resolutions were the focus of the Summit's plenary sessions where Counsellors such as Kofi Annan, Bob Geldof, Muhammad Yunus and Desmond Tutu facilitated debate and dialogue between the Delegate speakers and their audience.

Take Part

One Young World DelegatesOne Young World is a global forum for young people of leadership calibre. We invite the world’s leading institutions to identify amongst their youth the most talented, driven and promising representatives of their core values. 

Register as a candidate  Register as a candidate
Nominate and Sponsor   Nominate and Sponsor

Key Dates

The Summit will be held in Zurich, Switzerland 1st - 4th September 2011.

The full 2011 Summit calendar will be posted soon. Stay in touch to learn about key dates and milestones.


The International Network for Environment(INE) will celebrate the World Environment Day (WED)2012

For those who will celebrate this day on 5 june 2012, please send us also your photo, reports of your activities.We will put them in the website of the network.

Web site:

For more information about the world environment day, please contact:

Ms. Lucita Jasmin
Division of Communications and Public Information
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Tel: 254-20-7623401 / 7623128

To obtain copies of the booklet/kit, please contact:

Ms. Manyahleshal Kebede
Division of Communications and Public Information
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Tel: 254-20-7623401 / 7623326
Email: Manyahleshal Kabede

Info Materials

Join thousands of people from countries all over the world in celebrating WED this year. There are literally thousands of ways to do something positive for the environment. Again, whatever you decide to do, tell us about it so we can post your activities on this website and make it part of the ‘Wide World of WED’ map.

Let´s work together to save the planet


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