ways to support INE

The success of the International Network for Environment, and the network as a whole, depends on the support of people like you. Your support enables our 76 member groups around the world to tackle the most challenging environmental and social issues, such as climate change, destruction of rainforests, harmful business practices and much more.


By supporting the International Network for Environment financially:


  • You are joining the fight for a strong commitment to tackle the climate crisis, and to ensure justice for the communities affected by climate change.
  • You are helping to protect forests and forest peoples from illegal logging and the underlying causes of deforestation, while supporting sound and sensible community-based forest management.
  • You are contributing to the fight against hunger and poor health by helping put control of food and water back in the hands of people instead of corporations.
  • You are putting an end to the tragedies surrounding mining and other extractive industries which destroy ecosystems and threaten the livelihoods and lives of local communities.

Perhaps most important of all, you are helping us grow stronger and build an environmental justice movement that reaches every corner of the globe.


Please join us by giving your gift today.

Once you've decide to support INE,please email us on i.environment@yahoo.fr so we can acknowledge receipt.


Other ways to support the international Network for Environment

It's easy to raise money for the International Network for Environment. The secret? Just ask! Research has shown that the number one reason why people don't give to charity is because they haven´t been asked – so what are you waiting for?

What you do to raise money is only limited by your imagination but here are some ideas:

  • auctions and raffles;
  • sponsored runs,
  • walks,
  • swims and silences.


Take some inspiration from the International Network for environment ,fundraising guide "Hard Up!" and then get together with a friend or two and brainstorm some unique and fun ideas for how to raise money for the International Network for Environment.


Contact us for advice or information.

donations as presents

Is it your birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation or other celebration? Why not ask friends and family to make a donation to the International Netwok for Environment as a special gift to you, and the planet?

You could also consider making a donation in memory of a loved one.


Leave a gift to the International Network for Environment in your will to ensure your positive contribution to the world lives on. For more information, please contact us.

don't forget to act

Your voice can be just as powerful as your financial help. As part of our cyberactivist network, you can have your say with governments, corporate shareholders and international decision-makers. With you, we have the power to change the world.

Let´s work together to save the planet


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